Rates & Requirements

Rates for dogs


4 hours or less
1 dog: $20.00
2 dogs: $35.00
Additional dog (3 or more): $15.00

4 hours or more
1 dog: $25.00
2 dogs: $45.00
Additional dog (3 or more): $20.00

10 daycare package
1 dog: $230.00
2 dogs: $420.00

* Free daycare for every new client referral


$38.00 / 24 hours
* $25.00 for the second guest (Same room, same family)
* After 24 hours day-care fees apply
* During high season $42.00 / 24 hours and $25.00 for the second guest. Please see Extra Information below for more details.

Rates for cats


$20.00 / 24 hours
* During high season $25.00 / 24 hours

Home service

Includes feeding, changing the water and the litter for your companion.
$ 30.00 / day
* Travel costs $ 1.00 / KM


General Information

What to bring when checking in

Extra Information

High Season

During periods of high demand, our prices increase and availability is limited. Please book in advance to ensure space is available. Our busy periods are:

Pick Up / Drop Off Outside of Opening Hours

If you'd like to pick up or drop off your pet outside of our opening hours, we'll need to make special arrangements for you. For this service, we charge a fee. Please provide ample notice so we may ensure an employee is available.

Sales Tax

All prices listed are before sales tax. GST (5%) and QST (9.975%) will be added on top of all prices.