Dog training

The educational stay is an excellent way to optimize your dog's stimulation during his daily stay with us. What we offer is to work on a behavioral or obedience problem for you in order to increase the quality time you spend with your dog and decrease the time to discipline when you return home!

A 15-minute meeting will take place with the dog's owner(s) to better understand the behaviour(s) to be worked on. Here are a few examples of behaviours that can be worked on during your stay at the boarding house:   

The training will consist of 2 sessions per day. The duration may vary according to the intensity of the exercise. Since dogs learn through repetition, the more regularly your companion comes to the kennel, the more effectively he will learn. The same goes for the number of training sessions per day. We therefore offer you the possibility of adding more training sessions according to your dog's needs or simply to maximize the results.

A private follow-up (1 to 2 sessions) with one of our canine instructors will be necessary in order to transpose the notions seen at the kennel to your environment. This follow-up will give you the tools you need to ensure that the learning process is complete and continues in your home!



Educational daycare

45$ per day

3 days + / week = 40$ per day


Educational boarding

60$ per day

Weekly = 55 $ per day
** 10$ per additional workout



Kindergarten is offered to any puppy owner between 8 weeks and 4 months of age, whether it's your first dog or not. Since every puppy is different, it is important to surround yourself with the best possible tools. Thanks to kindergarten classes, your puppy will be able to socialize with other puppies of the same age in a supervised manner, in addition to learning basic obedience training being put in contact with different objects that they may encounter throughout their lives. Furthermore, during these classes, you will learn proven techniques to make potty training easy as well as the basics of grooming. This course is given over 7 weeks at the rate of one class per week.


200$ for 7 sessions

**Get a $20 discount at the end of your kindergarten for Obedience Level 1 class.



This class is offered to any dog owner over 4 months old who wants to educate his companion in a simple, quick and positive way to improve the quality of the relationship both at home and during your walks. This semi-private course will allow everyone to have more personalized advice as well as maintain a quieter learning environment with fewer distractions to enhance your experience. Obedience Level 1 covers the following commands: Sit, stay, down, come, heel. This class is offered in 7 one-hour sessions, a first theoretical class without a dog, followed by 6 practical classes with your dog. The class lasts 7 weeks, one class per week.


35$ per class

245$ for 7 sessions

**Get a $20 rebate at the end of your Obedience Level 1 course for Obedience Level 2 course.



This class is a follow up to our Obedience Level 1 class. The latter is therefore a mandatory prerequisite. In this class your dog will learn how to do Level 1 commands without a leash and by creating distance between you and your dog. All of this will be learned during the 6 semi-private sessions that will be given over 6 weeks.


35$ per class

245$ for 6 sessions



The calm environment, free of stress or stimulation, will help your dog's concentration as much as yours. Since you will be alone with the dog trainer, you will be able to personalize the training according to your needs and what your dog already knows! This option is offered for Kindergarten, Obedience Level 1 and Level 2 which are all 45 minutes long. 


50$ per class

3 sessions = $45 per class
6 sessions and more = $40 per class



What could be better than learning in the comfort of your own home? There are numerous advantages in private training at home: no wasted time in transportation, a familiar and stress-free environment for your dog, personalized training, and much more! Ideal for people who have a busy schedule, as well as for dogs who experience stress whether in transportation, new situations or new environments. This class can be taken individually or in a package to allow you to take the Kindergarten, Obedience Level 1 or Level 2 class as well as to teach your dog fun tricks! Each home training class is one hour long.


70$ per session

3 sessions = $65 per course
6 sessions + = $60 per course



If your dog has developed behavioural problems over time don't wait any longer. The therapy is done in 3 steps: the evaluation of the problem by phone, the home visit and a follow-up by email 2 weeks after the therapy. The home visit will last between 1h30 to 2 hours and will allow the dog trainer to observe and analyse your dog and to determine the core of the behavioural problem(s). The dog trainer will explain the reasons your dog may react this way in addition to giving you solutions to eliminate the problematic behaviour by demonstrating to you the exercises to practice. Within 48 hours of the visit, will receive a detailed plan and necessary tools to refer to during your training session s with your dog. A follow-up email will be sent to you to see your dogs progress, answer any questions you may have and to see if a second visit is necessary. Normally, after one session, you will have all the necessary tools to change your dog's behaviour. Of course, therapy requires commitment and time on your part in order to see results! By implementing the proposed exercises, you will eventually see a difference in the quality of life in your beloved companion!


1st visit = $160
2nd visit = $140



If you find yourself unable to come to one of your classes, you must notify the Kennel 48 hours in advance so that you can resume the class without being penalized. If you fail to notify the Pension Hollywood team within this time, a $20 fee will apply.